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Casting Society of America Breakdown Services is recognized by the Casting Society of America as a preferred online resource, as the primary distributor of casting breakdowns, and is used by the majority of CSA Casting Directors.

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Talk about a jump start in the Entertainment Business! Though I’ve only been working the business for a few months, I’ve gained the experience that could have taken some actors years to accomplish. I dove right in and started going out on auditions regularly. I’ve learned what type of auditions are not in alignment with my business plan, and which ones to focus more on. I’ve discovered what my type cast truly is...instead of just guessing. I work the business full time and I have to say; Actors Access has kept me so busy that I couldn’t handle much more. It’s the only site I need. But Actors Access is the most commonly used by established Casting Directors and it’s the most active site of them all. Additionally, it’s the most user friendly. The members of Actors Access are in good hands and can trust that through their affiliation with the company, they will be kept abreast of how to most successfully work the business today.

Melinda Clay

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