Title STILL IN THE WATER - Self Tape for Abby

Casting Director Jules Fitzsimmons

Role Name ABBY

Role Description 27, a local bar singer (will have to sing for audition) more comfortable in messy ponytails and boots than in gel nails and heels. Abby goes through her days with a single-minded focus - doing whatever she can to try to find her missing son, Charlie, who was six when he was abducted by his father, and who would now be nine. Abby stills her pain by hiding behind music. She's insulated herself to the point where she 'almost' doesn't care who she hurts, including Alice, the wife of Nicky MacAulay, Abby's neighbour and lover. Abby doesn't really begin to thaw out until she meets another soul as wounded as she is - Jordie MacAulay, Nicky's brother.

Instructions Please deliver script attached as well as upload a video of you singing approx. 1 min from your song of choice (keeping in mind the type of character she is so no pop/dance music more soulful, if you play guitar please include that as well.

Wardrobe, messy pony tail/boots what she might wear performing in a local dive bar in the country.

Expiration Date

Instructional Media


This invitation is no longer active as the invitation deadline has passed.