Title STILL THE WATER - Open Call - Noah MacAulay

Casting Director Jules Fitzsimmons


Role Description 26, is the youngest of the MacAulay brothers and the only one who doesn’t care for hockey. Gregarious, friendly, he talks a lot as if his words can somehow fill the silences his father and brothers seem to subscribe to. Short hair, clean shaven, he seems like the one brother who actually has his life together. Noah takes good care of his father; he takes out his garbage, makes sure he has groceries, plays music with him to help fill the long, lonely evenings. Doug never overtly appreciates Noah - it’s the hockey players, especially Jordie, that capture Doug’s attention. Noah knows this but he accepts his place in the family, yet it is always an undercurrent to his actions because his father’s careless attitude hurts.

Instructions Please deliver sides, would like 2 takes and wardrobe is casual.

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