Casting Director Richard Hicks

Role Name 'Nasir 'Nas' Jones'

Role Description NASIR ‘NAS’ JONES: Male. African-American. 16 – 19 to play 17. The iconic hip hop recording artist. Soft- spoken, determined, gifted. Seeking a young actor with authentic star quality to fill the shoes of a living legend. SERIES REGULAR

Instructions DEADLINE FOR SELF TAPE AUDITIONS IS FEBRUARY 27th Please tape yourself doing the following: 1) Slate: Look into the camera and state your name, your DOB if you're under 18, height and location. For the slate please take off hats/hoods so we can see your full body clearly. You can put them back on for the reading. 2) Audition scenes: (scenes attached) For the audition get the camera close enough so we can see your face clearly, looking at the person you’re reading with. Please read both audition scenes, PLUS do 20 seconds of a Nas rap looking into the camera. Make sure the sound and picture are clear. HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK.

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This invitation is no longer active as the invitation deadline has passed.