Title STILL IN THE WATER - Self Tape for Jordie

Casting Director Jules Fitzsimmons

Role Name Jordie MacAulay

Role Description 29, athletic, troubled. A hockey player who screwed up a chance to play in the NHL. Broke and out of options, Jordie returns to P.E.I. after spending the last ten years playing second-rate hockey and trying to outrun a domestic violence accident that claimed the life of his mother. He hides behind a cascade of long hair. Jordie is tired of spending his days overcome by anger and fueled by drink - overwhelming loneliness has caught up to him. Tired of running, he comes home because he has nowhere else to go.

Storyline: When 29-year-old Jordie MacAulay returns home to Prince Edward Island after getting kicked off of a semi-pro hockey team in Alberta, he’s broke, lonely and disconnected. He has no recourse but to beg his older brother, Nicky, for help. Nicky’s a well liked local - he works for his father’s fishing boat building business and burns off steam by playing hockey on a much loved local team. His small town lives for hockey and reveres its players. When Jordie reappears, the dependable life Nicky built for himself - married, two kids, a woman on the side, a local hockey star - slowly disintegrates.
The boys’ father, Doug, is a recovered alcoholic. He goes about his days with a stoic acceptance, watched over by the youngest and seemingly most 'together’ MacAulay brother, Noah. Jordie’s arrival home is the spark Doug needs to jumpstart some much needed family healing. However, in Jordie’s mind the dark memories of the tragedy that sent him running years ago—that he associates with his father—keep his interest in reconciliation stone-cold at best. Rebuffed by an angry Nicky, and disgusted with his father, Jordie turns to his neighbour, Abby, for companionship. His road to self-acceptance and self-love are fueled by Abby; unfortunately, she's the woman his brother was seeing on the side. A local singer, Abby is consumed by her own pain, stemming from the abduction of her son. Her place to hide is music.

Instructions Sides provided.

Make sure to read the film and character description before delivery in order to have a better connection with what these characters are about. Wardrobe is very rural casual. They’re country guys.

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