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A picture is worth 1,000 words, but Video gets you in the door.

And we've got just the place for you to store your best video clips on Breakdown Services & Actors Access

Media Bank

You'll never have to worry about duplication costs again.
No Monthly or Annual Maintenance Fees! No Hidden Costs!

What's in your Media Bank?

Right now, you can upload any of these multi-media clips to your Media Bank in Actors Access and Breakdown Services:

Performance Video
your demo reel of TV, Feature, Theater or other aired clips
Performance Audio
your Voice-Over demo
Scene Slate
professionally shot and edited scenes produced for you by Breakdown Services
Hosting Slate
a professionally shot and edited hosting demo produced for you by Breakdown Services
Personality Videos
a 60-second general interview

When you upload your own video and voiceover demos, both you and your Talent Representative can use them as soon as they're in the Media Bank.

Performance Video

A Performance Video is your online demo reel. It can be anything from episodic TV and features to hosting, commercials, and stand-up, even monologues. We upload your demo reel, then you or your representation select the appropriate clips whenever you submit to a casting director.

We can upload your demo reel either as one Performance Video or as separate clips, so you can customize your submission to fit the role and project.



What You Get

Each Minute

$22.00 USD

One or more clips. Store for free indefinitely. No monthly fees.


What do I need to bring with me?

Bring your 1/2" tape, DVD, mini-dvd, or mp3 audio file to our main locations in Los Angeles or New York or to one of our actor centers. For street addresses, call Breakdown Services at either 310-276-9166 (Los Angeles) or 212-869-2003 (New York).

Do not compress your media file before bringing it in. We will take care of compressing your video using a professional compression algorithm.

If you bring a tape, please be sure to have the tape cued-up to where you want us to start your Performance Video.

Can I send you a tape instead?

Mail tape or dvd directly to Breakdown Services, 2140 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025, or 575 8th Ave., Suite 1720, New York, NY 10018. (be sure to include a phone number so that we can set up a credit card payment).

You can send your video or audio demo reel by email using services such as and Please use this email only:

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